I am here to hold you to a standard of personal evolution and showing up as your highest and best every day!

About Summer

A woman, a mother, a pathologist, a healer, a brain changer.

Summer believes that it is her dharma and her responsibility here, to demonstrate, embody and elucidate that each of us has something powerful to say and to give. 

It’s about letting go, shedding your masks, and rewiring your limiting beliefs

Products and Services

As you move through your healing process, you will find, as my previous clients have, that everything begins to change.  The choices you make come from a place of love for yourself instead of trying to “fix yourself” on the outside.  You will begin to heal your body, relationships, intimacy and even issues around abundance.  It really is quite extraordinary.

Girls Confident:

A 12 week online program dedicated to girls ages 11 – 17. 

Hungry for Healing:

A 12 week one-to-one Life coaching program

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