About Summer Cathryn

I am here to hold you to a standard of personal evolution and showing up as your highest and best every day!

Summer is a woman who has reinvented herself not only from necessity, but from the absolute knowing that when we are in tune with our divinity, we cultivate and accentuate our talents. 

She believes that it is her dharma and her responsibility here, to demonstrate, embody and elucidate that each of us has something powerful to say and to give. 

Her greatest desire is to guide women and girls in the absolute understanding that they are not their past, that they are not the pieces that they believe are broken and that they don’t have to stay stuck, in their stories or in their current circumstance, be it body, brain, or belief.

She wants to hold hands with the women around her, while they all rise above their pain and realize their ultimate full potential, together.

Summer dreams of a world where women know and experience their power, where women shine and fully come into the knowing that there is a miracle inside of them; where women experientially understand that their value does not lie in their bodies, clothing or nature, but that it is inherent and they meet their soul’s fullest potential by shining from the inside out.

What people are saying about Summer.

For me the 12 week program was life changing. The modules got more challenging as the weeks went along. Beyond the support of the Summer provided, I also felt the support from the other people in the program. I bared some of my darkest secrets and at no point did I feel judged.When the 12 weeks were over I was very sad because I was not ready to stop the growth.  Summer is here to teach the tools but at the end of the day you have to put the work in to make it happen.I definitely love myself much more now


This is a life changing experience. Everything about the way I view myself, relationships, events in my life and the world has completely shifted. The work you do will change everything about you. Now I am living with intention and awareness. I am actively creating my life. I feel so empowered and excited to create the life I desire in all areas: relationships, health, food, body, and spirit. If you are on the fence about joining the program, do it!!!


I felt broken, disconnected, hopeless… unable to feel into my sexuality, doomed to a lifetime of emotionless intimacy. I enrolled in GA to simply change my views towards sex and hoped to improve intimacy with my husband. I had no idea that my entire life was about to change. I learned so much about myself – how pain affects me, what pleasure truly is, the potential of my feminine power. With the tools  Summer provided, I was able to unlock my feminine power and watch her soar. There is no stopping her! Everyone should enroll in GA, it’s truly a life changer.


It’s time to tune in, turn on and shine.

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