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Let’s work together to create the best version of youfree, loving, connected, liberated, and powerful”

As you move through your healing process, you will find, as my previous clients have, that everything begins to change.  The choices you make come from a place of love for yourself instead of trying to “fix yourself” on the outside.  You will begin to heal your body, relationships, intimacy and even issues around abundance.  It really is quite extraordinary.

Girl Confident

12 week online program dedicated to girls ages 11 – 17. 

This program is designed to take a young woman from the space of disliking herself, feeling unsatisfied with her body image, having an unhealthy relationship with food to a place of absolute freedom from diet culture, finding pleasure in food again, finding purpose in her life, realizing her potential and connection with her own divinity.

Hungry for Healing

12 Week 1:1 Life Coaching Program

This is a 1:1 coaching program that is dynamically focused on healing your body and rewiring your old beliefs. I felt inspired to create this program to include tools to get out of trauma in real time as well as create a program for women with actual tools to help them navigate their pain and stories that inevitably cause physical weight, physical pain and unhealthy relationships with food and self.  I created a program to help release all of the beliefs and dysfunction around our bodies and our lives, so that women could be free and be HEALED.

Rewiring Worthiness

Personalized coaching for men and women

1:1 settings and deeper connection with Summer that create a “better version” of you…free, loving, connected, liberated, and powerful.

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“It’s time to tune in, turn on and shine.

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